Call me Sarge.
The others do.

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Ignore me and my clone feels.



send me a ship and I’ll tell you who

shops for groceries: Both. They split that duty between each other fairly well. If it’s Boss getting them it’s cause James is back from training and exhausted or wants to take their son out into the city for a bit. If it’s James getting them then it’s cause Boss is busy at Delta Academy or doing housework around their place.

kills the spiders: Both. These two have faced a lot worse than a few damn spiders. :|

comes home drunk at 3am: Neither. After the war, they don’t really drink all that much. Not casually at least. If they’re out with friends then they might have one or two but barely enough to get buzzed.

makes breakfast: James at first then after a while, Boss gets an interest in cooking after watching James in the kitchen so much. Then soon after Boss insists that he cooks most of the time. Sometimes they even cook together. It’s an activity they both love doing and it’s something that keeps them happy and together.

remembers to feed the fish dogs: Boss. With their dogs and varren, Boss always has to remind James to feed them. He just has a better memory when it comes to that sorta stuff.

decorates the apartment: Boss. He has much better taste in decoration than James does and James knows this. But even then, Boss will incorporate some of James’ suggestions as a sort of compromise. 

initiates duets: JAMES. After what they’ve been through, James has no problem with making himself look like a damn food in front of Boss, even if his singing isn’t the best. Eventually Boss joins, not as enthusiastic as James maybe but finds it amusing anyways.

falls asleep first: Boss. And it’s usually on James too. Whether it’s in bed or on the couch or on the ride home. James likes to say it’s from him working for so long at Delta but Boss will just deny it.


"Dunno so much about day passes but there’re guest passes. Y’can have one o’ mine if’n y’want.” It wasn’t like there were people lining up to use one of his, anyhow. 

Laughter before nodding. “S’pose you’re right.” The adrenaline and endorphins alone were a good motivator to keep doing it. 

"How does someone get the name Boss?” he asked, shaking his hand regardless. 

"I’d appreciate it greatly. In turn, I’ll pay for your food later on." Boss glanced to the side and smiled briefly, glancing around the surroundings as they walked. "You only suppose? I can accept that for now. I’m sure you’ll see I’m right more often than now, however." He hoped he picked up on the teasing part of this.

"When you get called something from a young age because of a set of skills, it sticks with you. Old name no longer has any meaning and you just stick with what you’re given, you know?"


He eyed the man a moment before giving a slight nod. “There’s also the sayin’ of burnin’ off a meal. But yeah. It’s only a couple blocks down that way,” he said, pointing somewhere to his right. He tucked his book into one of the pockets of his jacket before setting off to lead the way. “Y’can call me Logan. I take it you’re the kinda guy to try to find a gym first thing huh?”

"Guess I’ll have to do a membership, huh. Wonder if they have day passes…" It was muttered more to himself before Boss looked over at the man as they started walking. "Somewhat, yes. But it has been a number of days since my last session. Can’t let myself get away, can I?" He smirked, offering a sideways handshake. "Boss. And yes, that is my name.”

"You look like you know a good gym and, hopefully by extension, a good place to eat around here. Care to help a stranger out?"


"New around these parts then, stranger?” he asked as he looked up from the book he’d only been half-reading. “But yeah, I can hook ya up. Which one ya be needin’ first? Both are pretty close by, s’why I ask.” What he didn’t bother asking was the reason for being in the area. Didn’t feel like he needed to. 

"Definitely new, yes." Boss nodded when he made eye contact with the other, offering a brief smile but letting it fade quickly. "I’d rather work out before eating. Isn’t the saying ‘work up an appetite?’"

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[ stephen amell ]

Jayden Lasin

"I am your master now."

All drug rings must come to an end at some point. A tainted supply, hostile takeover from rivals, or maybe a raid by law enforcement that will make headlines. But never before has a ring been so secretive that even its name is unknown to anybody outside of it. Only the abstract logo of lines is known. And that’s what scares the law and feeds Jayden’s desire for power.

Everything his drug money touches, including people and their assets, are considered his, able to be taken in just a blink of an eye. While its rare for something to go wrong, he personally deals with it. A chartered jet, a katana and a new suit is worth the cost of making sure his business stays alive.

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Kevin Durand

Rick Naught

"Grunt work? Nothing new there."

To say that Rick was caught in the middle was an understatement. Middle class family, middle child, and now in the middle of a war he didn’t want. Conflict had made its way to the homeland and along with it came death and destruction. Terrorists had claimed the Capital for their own and along with it the country.

A band of fighters are the only thing that stands between them and his people’s survival. As the conflict wages on, he ascends what little structure there is, no longer a middleman but a true leader and it’s then he learns the true cost of fighting.

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Joe Manganiello

Tulac Ripor

Arms dealer extraordinaire.

Often called “Tool” by close acquaintances, Tulac took over his father’s “business” at a young age due to his father’s sudden death at the hands of a rival dealer. No reason was given to him from the murderer but there was no time to ask around or even grieve.

Nar Shaddaa’s not a nice place but he feels it’s an accurate visualization of his life; shiny on the outside, rough on the inside. Now he lives to fight and pick up where his father left.

Just don’t get in his way when he’s on a mission.