Call me Sarge.
The others do.



 Do I … 


       … look … “


           … like a dictionary? “

"No, you don’t."

"You’re much more difficult to read."

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Is he gonna lie?



" …could say I took one for the team. "

And he sighs. Typical.

"Define ‘one’ and ‘team.’"

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" … close the door behind you, would you?"

"…hungover, huh?"

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" Heh. It’s a natural thing, I can’t help it.

  You’re learning it pretty fast though! “

He arched a brow sharply at him, almost accusingly. But his expression showed that he obviously teasing him.

" Defensive?
  That’s putting it lightly…
  but nah, not too long. “

As they walked, he looked down to his free hand, his fingers twitched as he debated internally. Finally, he decided to go ahead and slid his hand into Boss’. Despite it being such a small thing, he couldn’t help but to flush a bit and he looked away for a moment.

" So um… we’re having a game today,
  you gonna join us? “

"I’m trying my best, uh… Hermoso.

It didn’t quite feel right with his accent but he was able to make due. And it would feel more natural in time. At least, that’s what he was told repeatedly by James and others.

"That’s good… That you weren’t there for that long, that is."

Boss was surprised when he felt James’ hand slip in to his but he wasn’t about to let it slip by, fingers curling between James’ fingers as he held on, smiling as they continued down the hall.

"I’m invited back? Really?"


James rose both brows at the initial response he got from Boss, but the smile didn’t falter from his face. In fact, it grew into a small grin when he heard the second response he got from him. He shifted his notebook over to his other arm and started to walk along side him. He didn’t mean to cause such a reaction but it was something that happened between the two.

Que pasa, hermoso? “

His own little pet name for Boss. It came with teaching Boss a bit of spanish on the side. It was his idea and James had no qualms with it. It was just another thing for them to teach the other about.

" Expecting someone else?
  I mean, if someone else called out to you like that well —
  let’s just say I wouldn’t be a happy boyfriend. “

He let a small laugh slip out from him as he reached up to run his hands through his hair and scratch the back of his head. Sometimes it embarrassed even James how protective he was of Boss sometimes. He really couldn’t help it sometimes.

"You and your Spanish…" 

Boss shifted the backpack so that both straps were now on him, grunting as the contents jostled around slightly.

"Nah. Just naturally defensive, I suppose." To accept such compliments about his appearance—and so bluntly—was out of character for Boss in a foreign territory. Sure, back home, he would have smiled and nodded in thanks. But here where he knew a handful of people close to him? Wasn’t something he wanted to have happen…at least when he was alone.

"You been waiting for long?"


At this point in their relationship, James knew Boss’ schedule rather well. Especially with how much time they spent together. So it was no surprise to have James waiting outside Boss’ class, sitting back against the wall of the room. When the door opened, however, and students began to pour out, he stood and stayed hidden in the crowd. Until he could see Boss have his back towards James.

Call it eagerness to see him, he moved towards him and through the waves of students. Reaching out, he tapped the other on the shoulder but before Boss could look over, James already moved to Boss’ side. A grin curled on his lips.

" Excuse me, but I’m looking for a very attractive student —
  oh hey, looks like I found one. “

Another long, boring lecture.

Why he had signed up for “Studies of Foreign Cultures,” he had no idea. Hell, he barely had a grasp on the American culture as it was. It wasn’t New Zealand and that class had struck a chord in him, particularly when the information presented was false. When he went to argue, he was simply passed over. Something about “foreigners thinking they know better.”

I’ll have to have a word, he thought…until he realized that he verbalized it while walking out of the class, bag slung over his shoulders and a sigh coming out from him. Particularly as he was spoken to, be it directly or indirectly.

"Look, mate, I don’t have time for your games—"

And that’s when he stopped and turned around to see James being the culprit, sheepishly grinning and flushing just barely. He reached back to his neck to scratch it, unable to really get his senses under control.

"Sorry. Hi."



His eyes followed James’ thumb as it wiped the ketchup away, the corner then bunching up afterwards.

"Oh. Uh…thanks. Guess lunch carried over."

He grinned a bit, amused at that. 

" Yea, no kidding. You always had a big appetite. "

Then, his brows suddenly furrowed and he had a look on his face as if he was either deep in thought or deeply distracted.

" Hm. I think I missed a spot. "

"It’s just a trait of mine. Figured you’d appreciate that about me?"

Boss crossed his arms at the new facial expression, perhaps knowing what was coming but didn’t want to quite say it. At least not yet. 

"Did I? Mind helping me out?"

He just quietly motions to the corner of his lip.

He stares back for a minute, forehead wrinkled in confusion before wiping at the corner.


He sighed then reached to wipe some ketchup that was on the corner of Boss’ lips with his thumb.

" Y’missed a spot. "

His eyes followed James’ thumb as it wiped the ketchup away, the corner then bunching up afterwards.

"Oh. Uh…thanks. Guess lunch carried over."

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"Why are you looking at me like that?"